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5 reasons you need a property manager

September 2, 2014

By: Louise Turch and Rae Tuck

Five reasons you need a commercial property manager

  1. Self-managing can be overwhelming: Managing an entire commercial building can be daunting to say the least. When you hire a commercial property manager you have access to a team that can provide much needed support so that important tasks aren’t falling through the cracks. A lot of day-to-day operations such as coordinating routine maintenance, accounting, administration, marketing your vacancies, collecting rents, and responding to tenant complaints 24/7 can be effectively managed by a commercial property management company.
  2. Time: Managing a building takes a lot of time. Delegating to a property manager who is dependable and trustworthy can tremendously alleviate your schedule.
  3. Location: Many investors purchase buildings that are not necessarily within the same region from where they reside. It can be very beneficial to hire a property management team located within the same region of the building to assist with any immediate issues and physically monitor daily operations and maintenance of the building.
  4. Higher Priorities: Investors are busy people who have many demands on their plate. Hiring a professional property manager allows them to focus on higher priorities while delegating the daily tasks required to maintain the value of their investment.
  5. Local experience and skills: An experienced commercial property management team has the required experience and skill sets to handle all the tasks that are necessary to keep a building running smoothly from collecting rents, mitigating emergencies to dealing with tenant concerns or challenges. A commercial property management team has access to all the resources to get things done effectively and efficiently.

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